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SEO in Basel and surrounding area

I have been in the SEO industry and web design for many years. In that time I have worked with some of the biggest companies in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the UAE and delivered hard results each and every time.

Let’s be honest, I could sit here and throw jargon at you in the hope of impressing you, but we all know that’s just boring.

Quite frankly, I would rather impress you by placing your website on page 1 in Google and getting your business more enquiries and revenue.

I regularly attend SEO conferences and keep up to date with all of Google’s algorithm updates. This way I always stay up to date and can achieve great results for my clients with proven strategies.

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My concept

First things first, we will have a short conversation to get a better understanding of what you want to achieve and which keywords you want to rank for. This is very important because the keywords you target can determine the success or failure of a campaign.

We will then schedule a meeting where I will explain the options and, in my opinion, the best action plan to improve your rankings, reach your goals and rank on page 1.

The campaign will be specifically targeted to where your website currently stands in Google and what the competition is doing.

If everything is in check, I will officially take you on as a client and start the whole optimization process. I will personally work with you on a monthly basis to optimise your website.

I am an SEO consultant and web designer based in Lörrach, near Basel. My mission is to drive targeted and relevant traffic to my clients‘ websites by significantly improving their visibility in the search engines. I then try to increase the number of conversions on these websites so that this increased traffic leads to more sales and more enquiries.

Are you looking for a SEO consultant in Basel? Would you like to learn more about my services? I would be happy to hear from you.

SEO Basel

Do you want to attract more potential customers to your website using my services of SEO in Basel or surrounding area? Are you planning to expand your business? Or do you want more traffic to your homepage?

With just a few tips, this is possible, with SEO. The abbreviation stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps to place your website high up in the search history. You lack the time or the know-how to work this out? I am here to assist you – SEO made in Basel – will increase the visibility of your website.


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SEO Basel

What is SEO?

As already mentioned, SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. This means that you design your website in such a way that it appears high up in organic search results.

In theory, this can be any search engine, for example Bing or Yahoo! In Europe, Google is usually the main focus of this optimization. In some countries, people sometimes use other search engines. The goal is to show up in the most frequently used searches.

If your website appears as high as possible in the organic search results, more users will click on it. As a result, you reach a larger number of users. They engage your services, buy your products or read your blog. In short, you expand the radius and your audience grows.

What else impacts on the ranking?

Not only the direct SEO actions on your website have an effect on the ranking. You should also take a few other factors into account. If you consider all aspects when designing your homepage, you will get the desired effect.

User Experience

An increasingly important role for Google is played by the so-called user experience, or UX for short, which I include in on-page optimization. Although it only indirectly influences the ranking of your website, it is still an aspect to be considered.

The reason for this is as follows: users stay on your website for a long time if it attracts them. A positive experience can increase the number of links, increases popularity and users come back to it. So the traffic signals have a good impact on your ranking.

To improve the user experience, you should pay attention to fast loading times and good user navigation. Since many searches, especially for local businesses, take place on smartphones, mobile optimization also plays an important role. I take all aspects into account when designing and improving your website.

Content Marketing

These are different aspects that, in summary, are about content. This includes, for example, blog posts or social media posts. The focus is on creating new content on a regular basis. Depending on whether you work with link building or content on your website, it is on-page or off-page optimization.

Of course, the challenge of having to generate new content on a regular basis can add pressure. At the same time, it helps to keep your website content up to date. A landing page based on information or a blog in your online shop will increase engagement.

At first glance, content marketing only seems to work indirectly with SEO, but it plays an important role. With interesting texts and ideas, you invite your users to spend time on your website. The smart use of keywords increases your ranking. Don’t miss this opportunity.

How does SEO work?

But the question of what SEO is may be of secondary significance to you. Because before anything else, you should know how it works. Only those who see through this can use the advantages of search engine optimization for themselves. You then have the opportunity to design the website in such a way that Google lists it high up in the ranking. This is where technical and content aspects meet. Optimising these is where the difficulty lies. To ensure that all aspects are covered, there are on-page and off-page optimisations.


On-page optimization

This term refers to all the actions you take on your website. This includes content-related as well as technical aspects.

Content SEO deals with the issue of how you build up the texts and content of your website. For this, you should know which keywords to use and search intentions to serve. Good preliminary work plays an important role here. Knowing your target group precisely provides the basis for addressing the right audience.

In an extensive consultation, you tell me what goals you are chasing with your website. Do you want to find new customers or more visitors? Based on these basics, I start to create the content and plan the texts for your landing pages and blogs.

But of course, the technical aspect also plays an important role in a quality website. This is why you should take it into account during optimization. In recent years, it has become more important. For example, Google values loading times, data structuring and the ID of links.

With technical SEO, it is difficult to keep track of everything and you should have the appropriate knowledge. Here, too, I will make sure, in consultation with you, that your website meets all the requirements. Only the interaction of technical and content-related factors guarantees perfect search engine optimization.

Off-page optimization

Not only does direct optimization of your website play an important role, but other influencing factors also need to be taken into account. This includes link building, for example. Here you look for opportunities to get backlinks that direct users to your site. This requires a good network. There are dubious methods of acquiring such backlinks. Since Google has fallen victim to this fraud several times in the past, it now punishes them. This could have a negative impact on your ranking.

My work involves building links in such a way that they have the best effect on your website. In doing so, I also ensure the appropriate backlinks and thus increase your ranking on the search engine. Thanks to my several years of experience, you don’t have to worry about me using links that Google will penalise. I give the highest priority to seriousness in my work.

Search engine optimization from Basel
As you can see, you need certain basic skills for good search engine optimization. Not every company is able to appoint its own staff for this purpose. However, if you want to move your company forward, you should attach importance to your web presence. This is where I can help you.

From Lörrach and serving SEO for Basel , I take care of your website. With my professional knowledge, I will make sure that you will soon appear high up in Google’s ranking. Why not contact me now and discuss your plans in detail?

Google, Bing, Yahoo & Co.

The term search engine optimization refers to both ongoing technical and content improvements on the website (onpage optimization) and the development of factors outside the website (offpage optimization). Find out more about my services as a SEO consultant in Lörrach and Basel.

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